Indradhanush 2024

Vasant – The Bloom of Raga

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Indradhanush is the signature event of Indo American Cultural Connect which is hosted in the first quarter of every year. This event highlights and nurtures the classical form of arts from the East and the West, the similarities, the differences, the fusion and the elevated aura it brings into the minds of the audience taking one to a sub conscious level of richness, warmth and love.

Featured Artists:
Revati Nalole (Hindustani Classical Vocal)
Chithra Vaidyanathan (Carnatic Classical Vocal) &
Dan Reed/ Jim Whitaker (Jazz: Trumpet/ Keyboards./Vocal)
Supporting Artists:
Nandkishor Abhyankar (Harmonium)
Sandeep Sira (Tabla)
Vaidy Vaidyanathan (Mridangam)
Vidhya Arun (Veena)

This year’s theme is Vasant. Be ready to hear the enchanting melodies featuring the upbeat mood of Vasant Ritu (Spring Season). The Hindustani, Carnatic and Jazz art forms showcase the best they have to offer, followed by melding of these styles in a unique ensemble.

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Indradhanush 2024